Advanced CAP payments will be issued to 19,000 farm businesses in NI from Monday, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Michelle McIlveen has said.

“Funds will arrive in bank accounts by Thursday (20 October). These advance payments should help ease some of the immediate pressures on farmers,” Minister McIlveen said in a statement on Friday.

The minister has said that 80% of eligible farmers will receive 70% advanced payments and that 95% of eligible farmers (including all advanced payment recipients) will receive full payments by the end of December.

Eligible farmers are presumed to be applicants that have not had a cross compliance or land eligibility inspection, or have had checks completed before the payment dates.

The 19,000 farm businesses to receive advanced payments equate to 76.2% of the 24,906 original applicants to the Basic Payment Scheme in May this year. However, the total number of applications will have changed slightly since then late and withdrawn applications.

The minister added that the increased number of online applications increased from 46% of total applications to 62% this year which has allowed advanced payments to be made. “Submitting applications online allows my officials to spend less time checking and devote more resources into ensuring that more farmers receive full payment earlier,” she said.

In the Republic of Ireland, 70% advanced payments are also due to be paid from Monday.

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