Over 25,000 primary school children from 1,000 schools took part in AgriAware’s ‘Incredible Edibles’ campaign on 25 March which showcased how children are keeping active in the garden and eating healthy.

The event featured well-known fitness trainer Ray Lally and horticulturist Brian McCarthy, who runs the Cork Rooftop Farm.

The Incredible Edibles keep well event was held in conjunction with Healthy Ireland’s keep well campaign, which is part of the Government Plan for Living with COVID-19.

Agri Aware chairman Alan Jagoe said: “The keep well campaign is in line with the ethos of Incredible Edibles, which has been educating Irish school children about the importance of growing and consuming Irish fruit and vegetables for a healthy, balanced diet for the last 13 years.”

Healthy behaviours

Over 43,000 primary school children and 1,600 schools are taking part in this year’s Incredible Edibles programme.

Participating schools receive free grow packs that contain everything teachers need to start their own school garden.

This programme lays a foundation for children to adopt healthy behaviours

Minister for Public Health, Wellbeing and the National Drugs Strategy Frank Feighan said: “Encouraging children to eat a healthy diet is a key objective of Healthy Ireland and we have been very happy to support the Incredible Edibles programme for many years now.

“This programme lays a foundation for children to adopt healthy behaviours and habits which will last a lifetime, and which they in turn, will hopefully be able to pass on to their own children someday.”