A swather, a splasher and 100 years of Deere
In this week’s machinery section we look at a Shelbourne Reynolds swather which is being used to great effect and look at irrigating potatoes in Waterford.

The swathing of oilseed rape is not a common sight in Ireland. So when a swather was spotted working in Kildare we had to have a look.

On a vegetable farm in Waterford, one farmer is using aningenious slurry spreader to irrigate his crop without the expense of a major irrigation system.

We found that the Twin Moscha was throwing the water 24m and looked like it was going to be the saviour of this farmer’s crops during this unprecedented dry spell.

Peter Gaffney was the lucky winner of a competition to attend John Deere’s 100 years of tractor production in Europe. He has written an account of the trip and tells us of the highlights and the people and machines he encountered.

With the weather as it is, there is a serious need to be extra careful. There are numerous stories of machines having near misses where the slightest spark or heat has occurred. In order to reduce the risks of this, machine maintenance and the clearance of dust and chaff should be undertaken every day at least.

If there is not a fire extinguisher already on the machine or tractor which you are driving then getting one that can be at hand is advised in these conditions or at least know where a good water supply or extinguisher is located close to where you are working.

Most importantly, be extra vigilant and safe when working in this weather.

€1.5m North American deal for Dundalk-based tractor manufacturer
Multihog, which manufactures multi-purpose tractors, has announced three new dealers in North America in a deal worth €1.5m.

Multihog, a Dundalk-based tractor manufacturing firm, has announced an additional €1.5m in business with North American machinery buyers.

The firm manufactures a range of tractors that allow for the add/removal of attachments to perform various maintenance functions. The €1.5m deal includes initial orders for three North American dealers, two in US midwest and one in Canada.

The dealers involved in the deal include:

  • Bonnell Equipment - truck equipment distributors in Northern Illinois and suppliers of snowplows and spreaders for municipalities.
  • Brown Equipment Co, Inc - which services customers in both the government and private sectors in Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Les Machineries St-Jovite - based in the field of snow removal equipment and dump trucks in Quebec.
  • Alpine Smith Inc - an existing West Coast dealer that ordered five new machines.
  • The announcement was made during an inward buyer visit held by Enterprise Ireland on which 10 of Multihog’s current dealers from the US and Canada visited their Co Louth site.

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    A swather, a splasher and 100 years of Deere

    Baby plough joins Amazone range
    Amazone has expanded its Cayros plough range to fulfil customer needs by adding additional models and equipment options.

    Amazone has extended the Cayros product range downwards with a new two-furrow Cayros M model. This means that the ploughs are now also available for smaller tractors from approximately 37kW/50hp.

    Moving up the scale, Amazone now also offers the models Cayros XM and XMS in three furrows – with either mechanical stepped furrow width adjustment or with hydraulically stepless furrow width adjustment.

    In this way, the programme now also covers three-furrow ploughs for medium and heavy soil conditions. In addition, the two- to five-furrow Cayros ploughs now can be equipped with an extendable beam system instead of the one-piece tube. This +1 beam system offers the benefit that the plough – for instance after having purchased a higher horsepower tractor – can be extended by an additional furrow unit with the aid of a specific fitting kit.

    Of course, these ploughs can be delivered excluding the works with the additional furrow unit, eg as 3+1 or 4+1 version. Specifically for the XMS and XS series extendable ploughs, the beam features a wall thickness of 12mm as already used on the bigger furrow version.