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We came across the coolest piece on art on last weekend.

To celebrate the reopening of the tourism and hospitality sectors, an eye-catching piece of sand artwork illustrating the many discoveries that can be made when holidaying at home this year was released by Fáilte Ireland.

Measuring wider than the height of Dublin’s Liberty Hall, at 120ft in height and 200ft wide, the unique piece of art, by environmental artist Sean Corcoran @the_art_hand was created by hand on Kilmurrin Cove in Co Waterford to rally the nation to get out and explore all that Ireland has to offer as part of their ‘Keep Discovering’ campaign. Absolutely stunning.


Letter to the editor

Karen Brosnan has been addressing readers queries on boards through our Corporate Governance series. A reader wrote to us asking about minutes of previous meetings.

Dear Karen,

I just recently joined a board. I would like to have a better handle on what has happened in the past. Should I ask for minutes of the previous meetings?

Karen writes:

Yes, they are useful – to see how meetings unfold, what the agenda items are and how decisions are captured. The minutes of the previous two board meetings should suffice. It is important to remember that when you join a board that your role is not to investigate historical decisions, (that is the auditor’s and the regulator’s job). It is to be part of a collective board who builds trust and respect with management and staff of the organisation, while questioning intelligently.

This series is now finished, but you can still send queries to and we will answer them in the paper.

Tweet of the Week

Number of the Week


The number of people the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) keeps a database on in regard to the performance of loans.

Photo of the Week

Kate Crampton from Co Tipperary enjoying her prizes from the recent Child's Play art competition ran in Irish Country Living.

Money Mentor’s Tip

In Ireland there are two organisations that hold credit information about you and provide reports to banks/companies if you apply for credit (such as a mortgage or loan). They are the Irish Credit Bureau and the Central Credit Register. Both hold personal details and information on any loan you have taken out, and how much you have paid back. You can get a copy of your report to check your own credit rating.

Quote of the Week

From Francesca McDonagh, CEO Bank of Ireland:

A target creates conversation about your talent pipeline. If you don’t hit 50:50, then why not? That [conversation] can inform very good initiatives. This isn’t about bias or unfair advantage, it’s just about levelling the playing field