Letter to the Editor

Dear Janine,

As an avid quilter I was delighted to see the article you wrote for the Irish Patchwork Society (Patching Together a Community, 22 July) and their ambition to keep quilting alive in Ireland.

I am one of three ladies behind the establishment of an event called “Quilt Fayre”, which is happening at the beginning of September in Belfast.

There would have normally been two knit and stitch events in Ireland, one in Belfast and one in Dublin, but both events for various reasons are not happening, so we decided to organise one ourselves! Our ambition is to establish an annual quilting/crafting/knitting event run by Irish quilters, for other Irish quilters, with traders, exhibitions and Irish guild participation from across the island of Ireland.

Our first event is now scheduled for 2,3,4 September this year (due to COVID-19 we are 18 months behind our original date).

With best wishes,

Margaret Lee (along with Helen Sayers and Yvonne McAtammney)

Quilt Fayre

Picture of the Week

Behind the scenes: at a recent food shoot our photographer Claire was captivated by this puppy Risp who was hanging around. Could you blame her? \ Claire Nash

Tweet of the Week

Instagram Inspiration

Donegal-based Instagram account @countryhomebythesea offers all the seaside feels if you’re looking to plan a coastal adventure before school starts up again. Mammy of six and account holder Nicola shares heartwarming snippets of family life and family fun on the Donegal coast.

In this particular post, she says “Glam shot for the ‘gram - after an absolutely crazy few days at work I knew exactly what we were doing this morning, our favourite beach is Culdaff and off we went or a couple hours bodyboarding...”

All we can say is: take us with you next time!

Home management tips with Katherine O’Leary

Hanging out the washing

When hanging out the washing, the rule is to hang clothes as they are worn. All garments for the top of the body are folded over the line and pegged underneath the arms so any peg marks are hidden. Collars are also protected. Make sure zips are closed and every other button closed. This helps to keep garments in shape. Good jumpers need to be dried flat. Hang pants, jeans, skirts and shorts from the waist as it reduces creases and unsightly lines. Reduce the spin speed to 800rpm for good clothes and jumpers to avoid creases and negate the need to press them. Hang pairs of socks together. If the weather is appropriate; fold and sort the clothes at the line to avoid having to handle the clothes all over again before putting them away.

Number of the Week


When Mairead Lavery visited Nancy Costelloe’s garden, Nancy was celebrating her 90th birthday.

Quote of the Week

Everyone has their busy lives, but on the boat you’re forced to slow down to the speed of the boat

– Cliff Reid on the River Barrow boat tours.