About Agri Aware

We are Agri Aware, Ireland’s agri-food education body. We have been around for a long time now, 20 whole years, that’s quite old, isn’t it? Do you know someone who is 20?

When you have read about what we do, ask that 20-year-old brother or auntie do they remember Agri Aware from their primary school days. I bet that they do.

We want to have a healthy planet and feed people good-quality food

We want everyone to love the countryside like you do, so we try to teach children who do not live in the country all about farming. But not just farming, we teach people all about how farmers look after the environment while tending to their crops and animals.

Agri Aware runs lots of programmes to help you get all the information that you need.

We want to have a healthy planet and feed people good-quality food too. Everyday, people buy food in a supermarket but lots of them don’t know that it comes from farms.

Can you help us to explain to your friends where their food comes from?

We run lots of programmes to help you get all the information that you need and we hope that you get to take part in some of them.

The Incredible Edibles are famous. They help us to understand how to grow fruit and vegetables, why we should eat five to seven portions every single day and the important role veggies play in a healthy diet.

The Incredible Edibles are famous.

Any school that takes part gets a FREE growing pack so you can set up your own school garden and grow a selection of healthy fruit and vegetables such as: strawberries, potatoes, carrots, turnips, chives, spinach and lettuce.

There are five tasks to complete but you will be well able with the help of your teacher. They are food origin, identifying Irish, growing, cooking and lastly healthy eating week. In this last week, schools can win prizes for their efforts.

The Incredible Edibles gives you all the information you need about where your food comes from.

It is important to make healthy choices about what you eat. The Incredible Edibles gives you all the information you need about where your food comes from, how to grow, cook and of course eat it.

For more information on how your class can get involved and sign up for Incredible Edibles 2021, visit www.IncredibleEdibles.ie

Farm safety

We know that farms can be very dangerous so we also run a Farm Safe Schools Programme.

Agri Aware has been providing Irish primary schools with innovative and educational resources for over 20 years.

Our friends in the IFA and FBD help us out with this too as they are very worried about the number of accidents on Irish farms.

We want you to know what the dangers are and to become farm safety ambassadors. Spread the message on the dangers.

Do you know what the big dangers are? Yes, animals like bulls, but a cow can be just as dangerous if she has a calf. Machinery too; remember, you are small and that tractor is big and you might not be seen behind it. Don’t forget electricity is really dangerous too.

Get more information about farm safety on: https://farmsafeschools.ie/

Dig In

Do you prefer farming or school? Farming? Well then Dig In is for you.

You can learn your science and maths but instead of the normal way, you can do it by learning about the farm and the countryside around you.

So Dig In; get involved learn about life in the countryside.

You can get these books in either English or Irish and they cover all different aspects of farming: https://www.agriaware.ie/digin.html


Trees are brilliant, don’t you think? Ray O Foghlú on page 18 tells us all about the history of trees but our Branching Out programme will give you all the information you ever needed to help you understand just how important our forests are.

This programme covers lots of information about farmers and forests, curbing carbon and supporting sustainability, forest flora and fauna (that’s just plants and animals by the way), and what you will see if you walk through the woodlands. Isn’t that a more interesting way to learn about geography and science? Get your worksheets and get out into the wood.


Agri Aware Mobile Farm

Has the Agri Aware Mobile Farm visited your school? If not, you need to get on to your teacher and tell them about it. This is a hands-on learning experience with lots of animals.

A young visitor at Agri Aware’s Mobile Farm lambs at the Dublin Open Farm Day in 2019.

Lots of kids, not from farms, don’t get to visit farms so having the mobile farm visit your school will be a good way to help you tell your school friends everything you know about farming. And, don’t worry, farmer Pat will help you out if you get stuck.

  • See https:// www.agriaware.ie/mobilefarm.html