Fire crews are working to keep an extensive wildfire in Co Donegal under control.

The fire broke out around 6am on Monday morning at Annagry in west Donegal and continued to burn throughout the afternoon in the Annagry, Belcruit and Loughanure areas.

Some 15 fire appliances from 12 brigade areas are currently deployed at the scene, according to Donegal County Council.

There are no reported casualties or damaged properties at this time, the councial said at 3pm on Monday, although there are reports of a house damaged by the fire.

The Air Corps has been called in to help with the efforts via helicopter, while army personnel were also en route on Monday evening.

Fire risk

There is a code orange high fire risk notice in place for all areas where hazardous fuels such as gorse, heather, dried grasses and other dead vegetation exist.

Donegal County Council has appealed to landowners and members of the public to exercise caution and to take all necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of wildfires involving material such as gorse, heather and similar.

Landowners and members of the public are urged to be vigilant and to report any uncontrolled or unattended fires immediately to the fire service by dialling 999 or 112.


The council also urged landowners and members of the public not to engage in activities that could cause wildfires.

Householders or building owners in areas susceptible to wildfire are advised to remove or cut back any vegetation in the immediate vicinity of their house, building or oil tank to prevent wildfires damaging or destroying their property.

Under the Wildlife Act 1976 and the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000, it is an offence to cut, grub, burn or otherwise destroy any vegetation growing on any land not then cultivated between 1 March and 31 August in any year.

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