A total of 321 new tractors have been registered in July, while figures from the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) show 1,689 new tractors have been registered in the Republic for the year to date up to the end of July.

Registrations in July were down 47 units (13%) on the same month last year, but were up 17 units on July 2020.

With 1,689 new tractors registered in the first seven months of this year, registrations for the year to date are running 11% (218 units) lower than the same period last year.

Since the introduction of split registration year in 2013, July has become a significant month for new tractor registrations. It is also quite often the month with the second highest level of registrations after January, a pattern repeated this year.

Cork continues to deliver the highest number of new registrations at 241 units, while Tipperary is in second place with 136 units followed by Wexford at 112 units.

The most popular power band is the 101-120hp, accounting for 23.33% of registrations, followed by the 141-160hp bracket (20.06%). Tractors lower than 100hp account for 10.53% of all registrations, while the over 200hp category accounts for 9.59% of registrations.

FTMTA data shows that 178 imported used tractors were first-time registered in Ireland in July, a 35% decrease on July 2021. There were 1,601 used tractors first registered by the end of July 2022 compared with 2,605 units for the first five months of 2021, a more than 38% reduction.

Northern Ireland

Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) figures show there were 30 new tractors registered in Northern Ireland in July, down on the 36 units registered in the same month last year. This brings the total year to date figure to 360 units, down 9% on the 396 units registered for the same period in 2021.


The number of tractors registered in the UK was once again below both a year before and the seasonal average in July, according to AEA figures. The monthly total of 973 machines was 5% lower than in July 2021 but was 17% below the average seen in the previous five years. The number of tractors registered in the year to date reached 7,393, 6% down on January to July 2021 but still slightly above the average for that part of the year. The AEA outlined that supply chain challenges, which are leading to extended lead times, continue to constrain the number of machines being registered.