Amazone has extended its UX trailed sprayer range with the UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super models. The units come with a volume of 8,000l and 9,000l. With a new chassis design, the new models close the gap between the previously largest single-axle Amazone sprayer with a 6,200l capacity and the tandem-axle sprayer with an 11,200l capacity.

New chassis

Amazone claims the forward-sloping chassis design on the two new models maintains an ideal weight distribution on the sprayer, while utilising permissible drawbar and axle loads. The new design also sees the incorporation of a lower centre of gravity for increased stability. Despite this, the manufacturer says that tall and easily-damaged crops are protected by the optional underbelly cover.

The narrow profile spray tank features fresh water tanks mounted on either side of the chassis for safe handling. The polyethylene tank is moulded in a rounded design, with smooth inner and outer walls to make cleaning easy.

Super-L3 boom

The two new models are available with the Super-L3 boom in 39, 40 or 42m working widths. Pivot points are available at 12, 24 and 33m, while optionally available reduction joints on the boom outer sections offer increased flexibility.

It features hydraulically pre-tensioned break back joints at the boom ends, while the end sections are made of aluminium to help provide a steady boom ride. The new Super-L3 boom variants (in working widths of 39 to 42m) are equipped with the Contour Control active boom guidance system and the Swing Stop active vibration damping system as standard.


The unit is equipped with two high-capacity piston diaphragm pumps with an output of 250 l/min (spray pump) and 350 l/min (agitation pump). The piston diaphragm pumps are self-priming.