This year’s Aubrac stand at the National Ploughing Championships will showcase a variety of animals that will demonstrate the reason why Aubrac cattle can provide a farmer with a simpler, more profitable farming system.

On the pedigree front, a number of prizewinning cattle from Tullamore Show will be on display, including a selection of maiden heifers, weanling bulls and a mature bull, all of which will showcase the breed’s outstanding beefing ability.

According to the society, Aubrac cattle are especially renowned for their ease of calving and maternal qualities. To this end, there will be a selection of dairy-bred Aubrac cross heifers on display. These cattle will be of particular interest to dairy farmers eager to improve calving ease in their herd, while also having a higher value calf on the ground.

These heifers will also appeal to commercial suckler farmers looking to acquire quality replacement females that will qualify for the BDGP.

A number of experienced breeders will be in attendance to answer any queries from the public at the Ploughing. Visitors will also have the opportunity to win a pedigree maiden heifer in a raffle which provides a wonderful opportunity to win a quality breeding heifer and kickstart your own suckler herd.

Looking ahead, the annual pedigree breeding sale will take place in Tullamore Mart on Saturday 24 October.

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