The Beef Plan Movement is set to hold a series of engagement meetings outside Tesco stores across the country this weekend.

The meetings aim to highlight to consumers the low prices farmers receive for beef.

“We want to educate shoppers going into stores that for every €10 they spend on beef, the farmer only sees €2 of that,for over two years' work, while retailers and processors take €8 for three days work.Padraig O’Connor, Beef Plan Roscommon chair told the Irish Farmers Journal.

The Beef Plan has been campaigning vociferously for the end of the 70-day retention period, under 16 month bulls, the 30-month slaughter rule and the four-movement rule.


“At the Beef Summit, Minister Creed told us that the main retailer driving specifications is Tesco and they tell us this is what the consumer demands.

“We’ve tried to engage with retailers directly to no avail so we’ve developed a questionnaire and ask consumers if they look for steak from a bull under 16 months, under 30-month steer/heifer, etc, along with other questions.

“We’re not trying to turn people off shopping; we just want retailers to engage with us.”

The campaign will take place outside Tesco stores in Roscommon, Tipperary and Sligo this Saturday at 11am.

Other counties are to follow in the coming weeks.

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