Finished cattle prices are running 40p/kg to 45p/kg ahead of last September, making a 380kg steer carcase processed this week worth an additional £152 to £171.

The trade continues to hold steady, with prime U3-grading animals moving from 400p/kg to 406p/kg in most instances.

R3-grading cull cows are currently making 330p/kg to 340p/kg, up 30p to 40p/kg on the same period last year.


While NI beef prices remain firm, there has been some upward momentum in Britain this month.

In Scotland, U grading steers and heifers have marginally strengthened, with prices typically 420p to 425p/kg, with similar prices paid in the north of England.

NI Lambs have come under pressure this week, with reports of 480p/kg to 485p/kg on offer for factory-fit animals, down from 500p/kg in recent weeks. Prices have been cut at Irish factories to €6/kg to €6.10/kg, around 485p/kg to 490p/kg.

This has taken the heat out of prices in marts, particularly for plainer lambs. However, with plentiful supplies of grass, farmers are reluctant to sell at lower prices, which could help the trade re-bound.

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