BirdWatch Ireland is under statutory investigation by the Charities Regulatory Authority.

The charities regulator revealed on Thursday it had received “a number of concerns” relating to BirdWatch Ireland in March and September of 2019.

A follow-up engagement with the charity was completed in a review of the body’s open concerns earlier this year.

It was during this follow-up review of the charity that a "matter of further concern" was identified, the authority said.


The regulator announced the appointment of investigators to examine concerns that have arisen in the charity’s affairs. A report will be compiled with the findings of the investigation.

“While the Charities Regulator acknowledges Birdwatch Ireland’s engagement with it on the concerns raised, the Charities Regulator has determined that a statutory investigation into the charity is warranted,” Charities Regulator chief executive Helen Martin stated.

The regulator has commented that the opening of an investigation cannot be equated with a finding of wrongdoing.