10 | The Book that Grew is a unique book made entirely out of grass by Dutch artist Diana Scherer, who shaped roots to print essential messages from the Teagasc Grass10 guide to improving and sustaining profitability in grassland. These include advice on soil fertility, sward composition, grassland measurement and grazing infrastructure. The pages were then put together by bookbinder Jamie Murphy of The Salvage Press.

AIB sponsored the project to mark its association with Teagasc's Grass10 programme and the bank's commitment to lend €5bn to finance Ireland’s transition to a lower carbon economy.

The book will be on display at AIB's ShedTalk events at Tullamore and Limerick shows, at the National Ploughing Championships and at Grass10 farm walks as well as the Irish Grassland Association Dairy Summer Tour in the coming months.

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