The British Quinoa Company is looking for Irish farmers to grow quinoa over the coming year.

In an advert placed on, the company is seeking expressions of interest from farmers interested in growing Irish quinoa grain under a buy-back arrangement.

“We would like to hear from growers with quality fertile soils, a low weed burden and capabilities to dry [the seed],” the advert states.

The Shropshire-based company is one of the leading producers of British quinoa grains, supplying into farm shops, delis and wholefood stores.

Irish quinoa production

Quinoa is an annual pseudocereal grain which is grown for its edible seeds. Quinoa seed has soared in popularity in western culture due to its rich protein, B vitamin and dietary fibre and mineral content.

Quinoa production in Ireland has been trialled before, most notably by Glanbia in 2017, which was pleased with the results.

The crop is planted in spring when conditions are dry, flowers in summer and is harvested in September time. Inputs are minimal. The seeds have to be rapidly dried after harvest to preserve quality.

While agronomic information on the production of the crop is limited, if readers would like to find out more about potential opportunities, you can contact Stephen Jones using or 0044-1939 270777.