A Cork farmer’s 26-month-old Hereford bullock reached €5,200 on Monday in a charity auction for Cork ARC cancer support services.

Gerard Hurley donated the bullock to the charity after availing of the charity's services while successfully undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy from the time of his diagnosis in 2010.

The auction took place at Bandon Mart, Hurley’s local mart, with the large attendance raising awareness of the charity’s activities in the region.

ABP Bandon bought the bullock after lively bidding took place on the mart’s outdoor balcony.

“I did not think it would go as well as it did. I would say that the event was a huge success,” Hurley commented.


Hurley also went on to explain that the publicity of the charity auction on social media helped to draw attention to the auction and the services provided by Cork ARC.

Cork ARC provides cancer support services which include physical therapies, professional counselling and practical information for suffers and their families. The charity aims to reduce the distressing impact that cancer can have.

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