Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has received a letter from the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) formally requesting the resumption of payment convergence in 2022.

The INHFA has written to the Minister to remind him of a commitment he gave to examine the possibility of resuming convergence next year.

The movement of all farm payments towards a uniform national average per hectare by funding increases for those below from cuts to those above has been paused since 2019. All payments are now worth at least 60% of the average.

A minimum target of 85% has been set for the next CAP but this process may not begin until 2023.

The Minister must inform the EU Commission in the coming months of any plans to change direct payment entitlement values in 2022.

INHFA president Colm O’Donnell stated: “The Minister must use the flexibility in the Transition Regulation to begin the long road towards a fairer distribution of direct payments to all farmers, something that the majority of Irish farmers have been denied for twenty years.”