Fatstock show and sale time of year has come around again and Clogher Mart held its second annual fatstock show and sale on Monday night.

This year’s sale attracted a lot more entries, with close to 250 animals through the ring on the night.

Top-quality high-end cattle have been a super trade all year and Monday night’s sale was no different, with a variety of factory agents, finishers, suckler farmers and fatstock producers all looking for stock on the night.

Gibsons Butchers from Yorkshire was in attendance again this year, buying 19 heifers for its chain of butchers shops in Yorkshire.

This March 2021-born Belgian Blue heifer weighed 305kg and sold for £1,080 (€1,285/€4.21/kg).

The trade was exceptional for the top-end lots, with £4/kg to £6/kg being paid for some of the special entries.

The general run of good factory-fit, clean cattle was £2.50/kg to £2.90/kg.

A number of specialist cow buyers were in attendance, with a top price of £2,900 being paid for a 980kg Belgian Blue cow.

This March 2021-born Charolais heifer weighed 395kg and sold for £1,050 (€1,250/€3.16/kg).

A number of show quality heifers around the 500kg to 600kg mark crossed the £3,000 barrier, with a flurry of bids coming in both ringside and online for the housewife’s choice heifer weighing 550kg and selling for £3,100.

The champion Belgian Blue calf was a January 2021-born bull calf weighing 450kg and selling for £1,440.

This May 2016-born Belgian Blue cow weighed 730kg and sold for £1850 (€2,202/€3.01/kg)

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, mart manager Robert Simpson said: “We had a lot more entries this year, but the quality was maintained and the trade reflected that on the night.

“Factory cattle have been a real solid trade over the last few months in NI and we had lots of commercial customers looking for fit cattle on the night.

This March 2016-born Belgian Blue cow weighed 835kg and sold for £1,950 (€2,321/€2.78/kg).

“We also had a lot of local butchers in attendance at the sale paying big money for butchers heifers on the night.

“It’s great to see that community spirit alive and well where butchers come into the sale and support local farmers. There is a long tradition of that sort of thing in Northern Ireland.

This November 2019-born Belgian Blue heifer weighed 625kg and sold for £2,700 (€3,214/€5.14/kg).

“We also has some very good prices for a few breeding-type heifers, with the top price on the night going to a Belgian Blue heifer weighing 615kg selling for £3,600 (€4,285).”

A raffle was held for cancer research, with donations from local companies as prizes, with £10,000 being raised for the charity on the night.

Other lots

This October 2019-born Limousin bullock weighed 870kg and sold for £2,300 (€2,738/€3.14/kg).

Clogher Mart holds its general cattle sale on Saturdays with sheep sold on Thursday nights.

Champion cow went to this October 2015-born Belgian Blue cow weighing 980kg and selling for £2,900 (€3,452/€3.52/kg).

First prize in the native bullock class went to this July 2020-born Shorthorn-cross weighing 540kg and selling for £1,400 (€1,666/€3.08/kg).

The overall native breed champion was this February 2020-born Aberdeen Angus heifer weighing 485kg and selling for £2,550 (€3,035/€6.25/kg).

This April 2020-born Limousin bullock weighed 710kg and sold for £2,000 (€2,381/€3.35/kg).

The overall reserve champion on the night was this February 2020-born Belgian Blue heifer weighing 705kg and selling for £3,000 (€3,571/€5.10/kg).

This September 2019-born Charolais bullock weighed 810kg and sold for £2,060 (€2,452/€3.02/kg).