Saturday’s sale of all cattle types in Balla saw just over 800 lots on offer, a large sale for the time of year.

Trade for all stock was strong, in particular for quality beef heifers and bullocks, with online factory and northern buyers pushing things along and all averages reaching the €3.00/kg mark and tops reaching €3.60/kg-plus.

Bullocks weighing 300kg to 400kg were improved and averaged €2.96/kg. Store bullocks from 400kg to 500kg were slightly up and averaged €2.89/kg, while heavier bullocks weighing 500kg-plus averaged €3.01/kg, with the tops making over €3.60p/kg.

Top price in the bullocks went to a Charolais-cross bullock weighing 785kg and selling for €2,890 (€3.22/kg).

Brisk demand

With 300 lots of heifers on offer, demand was brisk for both store and finished heifers. The majority of stock on offer were continentals from suckler herds, though an agent noted the strong demand for the small number of Angus-cross heifers.

Heifers up to 400kg averaged €2.90/kg, heifers from 400kg to 500kg averaged €2.98/kg and heavy heifers weighting 500kg-plus averaged €3.05/kg.

Top price in the heifer ring was a Charolais-cross heifer weighing 700kg that sold for €2,300 (€3.29/kg).

Dry cows

Operating in the third ring, dry cow prices were up due to the presence of some Northern Ireland and online buyers.

Quality factory-fit cull cows saw prices of €3/kg-plus, with a top price of €2,680 for a Charolais-cross cow weighing 885kg (€3.03/kg).

Poorer conformation cows or those lacking flesh sold for between €2/kg and €2.50/kg.

A small number of bull weanlings were on offer, with bulls from 200kg to 350kg averaging €3.03/kg, bulls from 350kg to 450kg averaging €2.58/kg and heavier bulls weighing 450kg-plus averaging €2.84/kg.

In pictures

This 2013-born Limousin-cross cow weighed 605kg and sold for €1,770 (€2.92/kg).

This 2014-born Simmental-cross cow weighed 790kg and sold for €2,250 (€2.84/kg).

This April 2021-born Blonde d'Aquitaine-cross heifer weighed 605kg and sold for €1,750 (€2.89/kg).

This April 2020-born Charolais-cross bullock weighed 620kg and sold for €2,040 (€3.29/kg).

This March 2020-born Charolais-cross bullock weighed 810kg and sold for €2,520 (€3.11/kg).

This pen of five Friesian bullocks born in November 2020 weighing 382kg on average sold for €890 per head (€2.33/kg).

This April 2021-born Charolais-cross bullock weighed 455kg and sold for €1,420 (€3.12/kg).

This May 2021-born Limousin-cross bull weanling weighed 270kg and sold for €810 (€3/kg).

This May 2020-born Blonde d'Aquitaine-cross heifer weighed 615kg and sold for €1,870 (€3.04/kg).

This April 2020-born Charolais-cross heifer weighed 560kg and sold for €1,740 (€3.10/kg).

This May 2021-born Charolais-cross heifer weighed 400kg and sold for €1,240 (€3.10/kg).