Camera at the Mart visited the weekly cattle sale in Swatragh, Co Derry, where there was a solid, seasonal entry of store animals forwarded.

With a vibrant beef trade and fewer animals on offer, prices were on a firm footing, with buyers extremely competitive to secure stock.

This Limousin bullock, weighing 416kg and 14 months old, sold for £1,090 (€1,267).

Topping the sale was a 26-month-old Belgian Blue bullock weighing 570kg, which sold for £1,280 (€1,488).

This Limousin bullock, weighing 434kg and 12 months old, sold for £1,100 (€1,279).

Bullocks were a super trade with prices reflecting quality.

Most lots weighed 400kg to 480kg, with prices of £1,050 rising to £1,170 (€1,220 to €1,360).

Stand-out lots saw £1,100 (€1,279) paid for a 434kg Limousin bullock, with £1,170 paid for a 486kg Charolais. Heifers were also in demand, with Angus heifers selling to £1,050 (€1,220) for a 510kg animal.

This Limousin bullock, weighing 432kg and 13 months old, sold for £1,060 (€1,232).

Excellent entry

An excellent entry of Limousin-bred heifers sold to £930 (€1,081) for a 390kg animal, with £910 (€1,058) paid for a 384kg heifer.

This Limousin heifer, weighing 384kg and 11 months old, sold for £910 (€1,058).

Charolais heifers sold to £920 (€1,069) for a 406kg animal, with Simmental heifers making £870 (€1,011) for an animal weighing 372kg.

Top price per kilo on heifers saw 254p/kg (€2.95/kg) and was paid for 322kg Charolais-bred animals, which sold for £810. Breeding bulls sold to £1,710 for a Charolais.

This Charolais bullock, weighing 454kg and 14 months old, sold for £1,050 (€1,220).

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