Castleisland Mart hosted its weekly general cattle sale last Wednesday, with nearly 700 cattle passing through the scales.

Demand throughout proved very strong, with 99% of the 690 cattle on offer finding new homes. These homes were from throughout Ireland and even included some across the border.

The improvement in weather helped to drive trade for lighter stock, with a particularly strong demand for traditional-bred stock.

This pair of 10-year-old Charolais-bred cows weighed 602kg on average and sold for €990 (€1.64/kg).

While fed stock were small in numbers, anything that was present secured top prices, with around €2.50/kg for better-quality stock over 600kg.

Speaking after the sale, Castleisland Mart manager Nelius McAuliffe said: “Trade is very good. There’s people coming to look at stock, but there’s a nice share bought online without ever seeing the stock too.

“Grass stock and fed stock are in demand, but it’s really them Angus and Hereford heifers and bullocks that there’s a serious demand for.”

This demand for traditional-sired stock was evident in the prices, with buyers having to pay to secure their lots of choice.

This 416kg Friesian heifer born February 2019 sold for €660 (€1.59/kg).

Two-year-old Angus heifers from 450kg upwards sold for between €2.10/kg and €2.25/kg. Lighter Angus born last spring weighing from 300kg to 400kg proved in the strongest demand, with prices over €2.50/kg achieved. One batch of yearling Angus heifers weighed 300kg and sold for €760 (€2.53/kg).

While this demand was also shown for Hereford cattle, it wasn’t as strong. A batch of 300kg Whitehead heifers sold for €655 or €2.18/kg.

Angus bullocks carrying a bit of weight were seen selling up to €2.25/kg, but, again, rose past this for lighter stock.

This seven-year-old Limousin cow weighed 642kg and sold for €1,120 (€1.74/kg).

One batch of Angus weighing 450kg sold for €980 (€2.18/kg. A slightly lighter batch of Hereford bullocks weighing 440kg sold for €910 (€2.07/kg).

Continental-bred light stock also proved in high demand, with one batch of nine Charolais bull weanlings having an average weight of 300kg and selling for €890 (€2.96/kg). This was one of the highlights, but, in general, continental stock sold from €2.50 upwards if under 400kg.

Younger coloured cows generally made from €1.70/kg to €2/kg, with some slightly higher. Their Friesian counterparts generally ran from €200 to €400 plus the weight depending on fat cover.

Other lots

This six-year-old Limousin cow weighed 574kg and sold for €900 (€1.57/kg).

This four-year-old Friesian cow weighed 642kg and sold for €910 (€1.42/kg).

This 624kg Friesian cow born July 2012 sold for €900 (€1.44/kg).

This 666kg Friesian cow born in 2011 sold for €990 (€1.49/kg).

This 480kg Limousin cow born 2015 sold for €960 (€2/kg).

This 10-year-old Friesian cow weighed 538kg and sold for €690 (€1.28/kg).

This 462kg Charolais heifer sold for €910 (€1.97/kg).

This 10-year-old Hereford cow weighed 506kg and sold for €690 (€1.36/kg).

This March 2015 born Charolais cow weighed 486kg and sold for €710 (€1.46/kg).

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