McDonald’s Ireland’s new Root2Food trainee programme is open for applications until 27 February; offering two twelve-month food supply chain placements for anyone looking to get experience in the Irish supply chain. In partnership with agri-food companies Kerry Group and Dawn Meats, the two roles will commence in August 2023.

Importance of the Irish supply chain

McDonald’s has committed to help kick-start 100 careers in food and farming for young people across Ireland and the UK by 2030. As part of their 2021 sustainability strategy ‘Plan for Change’.

Harriet says, “One of the goals, ?was to kick-start careers for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds in farming.”

Commenting on the program, Richard Clinton, Group Commercial Director at Dawn Meats says, “We are delighted to partner with McDonald’s and Kerry Group on the delivery of this training programme, which gives great insights into how food is sustainably sourced, produced and delivered to McDonald’s customers.”

Development of the programme

Harriet says, “The Irish food sector is so important to McDonald’s; we are hugely reliant on the Irish food sector both nationally in the UK and in Europe. We want to make sure there are future farmers and people coming into the sector.”

She adds “It’s all about building experience and networks for the trainees to essentially start their career; hopefully within our supply chain.”

After successfully launching a similar programme in the UK with Arla foods, they decided to launch Root2Food in Ireland. Their UK programme, called ‘Progressive Young Farmers’ was launched 10 years ago. In it, undergraduate students would complete a full year of placement working within an area of McDonalds’ supply chains.

Harriet tells Irish Country Living, “Our Irish suppliers want people based in Ireland, which is the reason behind launching this new incentive.”


It is the first year of the programme in Ireland, which is why they are only offering two places. Harriet explains, “We are trying to bring more diversity into the supply chain, we know we need fresh thinking and new ideas to finding solutions to the big climate challenges.”

The placements are open to third-level and further education graduates who have an interest in working in the agri-food sector and gaining practical, hands-on experience in Ireland’s supply chain. You don’t need to have any farming or agriculture backgrounds to apply.

More info

Scan the code above to learn more about the Root2Food trainee programme and how to apply for placements. Applications will remain open until Monday 27 February 2023.

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