The Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) have approved the reopening of Carroll Cuisine, as employee tests returned 100% negative for coronavirus.

The green light comes after the temporary suspension of operations at the plant on Monday 10 August, while the HSE processed the employees' COVID-19 tests.

Carroll Cuisine has said the tests provide confidence that the preventative actions taken are effective and it will begin a gradual resumption of operations on a phased basis over the coming week.


The HSE tested 210 employees on Sunday 9 August, including staff working in the food processing division.

The company employs 330 people in total, with 120 members working remotely. These employees were not required to take part in the precautionary testing.

Only members of staff who have tested negative for the virus will be allowed to re-access the Tullamore facility.

The first case of coronavirus was identified among the Carroll Cuisine workforce on 31 July. A total of nine employees to date have returned a positive test for COVID-19.

Redoubling efforts

Carroll Cuisine has welcomed proposals for a recurring testing programme, assisting the company in monitoring and preventing the spread of the virus.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are doubling and redoubling our efforts to stop any spread of the virus, remaining constantly vigilant and will do everything in our power to continue operating in the safest possible manner.”

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