Case IH recently announced its move from Stoll to French brand MX loaders for the supply of front-loaders for factory fitment.

The result is three new ranges – A, U and T – which in total comprise 27 models with varying specifications to suit all tractor ranges.

The flagship T series comprises 10 loaders suiting tractors from the Farmall C up to the Puma 240. Lift heights range from 3.75m to 4.70m while capacities span from 1,390kg to 2,720kg.

Hydraulic self-levelling is offered as standard. An Auto-Unload function can be added which synchronises grab opening and bucket dumping functions.

Designed for the Farmall 55C up to the Puma 175, the U series consists of 14 mechanical self-levelling or non-self-levelling models. Maximum lift heights range from 3.5m to 4.5m while capacities range from 1,210kg up to 2,230kg.

The agreement with MX Loaders allows Case IH to factory fit Farmall C tractors up to the Puma range with either of the three loader ranges.

The three-model A range is matched with the Farmall 55C up to the Maxxum 140. These self-levelling models have lift capacities ranging from 1,300kg to 1,700kg and maximum lift heights from 3.5m to 4m.

Other features fitted across the board include Shock Eliminator shock absorption, the Fitlock 2+ automatic quick hitching system and a quick-coupler for fast coupling/decoupling of hydraulic and electrical services.


Long-wheelbase Puma updates have now been passed down to the 140-175 models and Maxxum 115-150 models.

In total, three specification levels are offered – Selection, Advanced and Professional.

Changes remain subtle inside and out. Both ranges benefit from a more automotive-grade trim, DAB radio, coolbox and a low-mounted windscreen wiper for increased visibility and coverage.

The steering wheel is now leather covered and a joystick has been added to the Multicontroller for loader control as well as gear and directional changes.

Exterior updates include more accessible hydraulic connections and improved toplink stowage as well as the option of an air-line connection

There have been a number of software updates, including improved shuttle acceleration/deceleration responses, refinements in drive pedal and Multicontroller sensitivity and position detection. A cruise control pedal override has also been incorporated.

Exterior updates include more accessible hydraulic connections and improved toplink stowage as well as the option of an air-line connection.

Further options include a hood-mounted camera and 360° LED light package. Both ranges also benefit from the Case IH style aluminium steps.

The updated tractor ranges and new A, U and T loaders will be available next spring.