Farmers know that their cattle need to be free from worms at housing to ensure that they perform at their best and meet their targets. They know that there is no point in feeding parasites over the winter, particularly this year when fodder stocks are limited and cost a premium.

Historically, cattle would have been dosed at the time of housing. But now, more and more farmers are seeing the benefits of using a Pre Housing Dose (PHD).

Farmers have seen huge benefits in their herd by using Dectomax, a persistent Pre Housing Dose;

  • By being worm free, cattle perform better and grow faster because they are able to make better use of autumn grass.
  • There are less cases of pneumonia at housing because cattle have been housed with a clean set of lungs. Their lungs are free of hoose worms and any damage that earlier infections may have caused, has had a chance to heal.
  • There is less work and stress at housing time as the cattle will no longer need to be dosed at housing time.
  • Dectomax is Different

    Unlike conventional doses, Dectomax can be administered up to 5 weeks before housing.

    Unlike many other doses, Dectomax has a persistent killing action against both hoose and stomach worms of at least 5 weeks, meaning that any infective larvae picked up after dosing and before housing will be killed too. Dectomax replaces the need to dose at housing time, so it is not an extra dose. Unlike the ivermectins, there have been no reported cases of worm resistance in Irish cattle dosed using Dectomax.

    Dectomax Pour On will also kill off all lice, both biting and sucking. If not mixed with untreated cattle, they will stay clear of lice for the housing period. Cattle can be vaccinated against viral pneumonia at the same time as receiving their Dectomax PHD, giving the vaccines sufficient time to stimulate good protection against viral pneumonia before the animals are challenged at housing time.

    Get the most from your autumn dosing programme by giving your cattle a Dectomax Prehousing Dose, up to 5 weeks before housing.

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