The use of front and rear-mounted mower combinations has become increasingly popular in Ireland and abroad over the past number of years.

This has created a demand for wider mounted mowers. As a result, Claas has increased its widest rear-mounted mower (4m) with the launch of the 4.2m Disco 4400 Contour.

Mower bed

Similar to the other mowers in the Disco range, the new flagship features the proven Max Cut mower bed which has a double-swath laying option.

This is achieved by placing two swath drums on the fourth and fifth disc (from the inside) to create one narrower and one wider single swath. Claas notes this tends to be used on wet or soft ground to avoid driving on the forage.

The bed on the 4400 is pivot-mounted at its centre of gravity. An adjustable spiral spring allows the bed to fold down evenly during lowering, while two vibration dampers stabilise it as it is raised.

Two pivot points on the arm at right angles to the direction of travel are designed for ground-contour following.

The mower features active float suspension. This allows the ground pressure of the bed to be adjusted from the cab by a spool valve.

A gauge on the headstock shows the set pressure. In parked position, a mechanical latch disables the suspension system so that pressure is maintained in the circuit.

The 4400 is equipped with hydraulic non-stop collision protection. In the event of a collision, the mower bar swings back and over the obstacle thanks to a rotating pin inclined at an angle of 15°.

Oil from the collision protection system is forced into the suspension ram to further depressurise the bed. Once past the obstacle, Claas says the bed automatically swings back to its working position due to the oil pressure.

Vector folding

When it comes to transport, the vector folding system allows the mower to be folded vertically to a 120° position.

The unit folds by using the hydraulic break back ram. This allows the folded mower to lean backwards slightly to reduce the transport height to 4m.

Positioned diagonally behind the tractor when folded, the centre of gravity is shifted to the tractor’s longitudinal axle.