The closing date for entries for Bord Bia’s Showcasing Excellence – Food & Drink awards is this Monday 21 October at 5pm.

The awards provide an opportunity for Irish food and drink businesses to showcase their achievements.

There are seven awards that companies can enter including:

  • Consumer insight - This award is for companies that can demonstrate how research and the identification of consumer insight has led to an improved or new understanding of the consumer in a particular market or markets, leading to commercial growth.
  • Brand marketing - The brand marketing award is for a company that has developed a comprehensive brand marketing strategy and has differentiated itself from competitors by using creative marketing communications through a single channel or combination of channels.
  • Many people’s first thought is that ‘oh, but we’re not doing enough in this space to win an award!’ but no company has these areas completely figured out

  • Domestic success - The domestic success award is relevant to food and drink companies who have experienced significant growth in the domestic market during 2018 and 2019 based on strategic planning; be it through growth of a startup company, new product launch or improved marketing strategy.
  • Export growth – This award is open to companies that have launched a product or product extensions in a new market and/or, that have increased exports in an existing overseas market during 2018 and 2019.
  • Sustainability – This award will recognise a company that has planned and executed significant sustainability commitments in relation to sourcing, resource efficiency, health and nutrition and their contributions to their local community.
  • Diversity and inclusion - This award is for a company that understands the importance of moving the diversity and inclusion agenda forward and creating a world where everyone has equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunities to succeed.
  • Future leader - This award is designed to celebrate future leaders; to recognise their passion, professionalism and future potential to lead the Irish food and drink sector to greater heights both at home and internationally.
  • Industry talent manager with Bord Bia Tom Tully highlighted the two new talent/culture categories, the diversity and inclusion (D&I) award and the future leader award.

    “Many people’s first thought is that ‘oh, but we’re not doing enough in this space to win an award!’ but no company has these areas completely figured out.

    “The D&I Award was established to recognise the progress made by Irish food and drink companies in the D&I space while the future leader award will profile the rising stars of the food, drink and horticulture industry,” he said.

    For more information and a description of each award, this year’s brochure can be here.

    The awards are only open to companies that produce their products in the Republic of Ireland.

    Winners will be announced at the Bord Bia Food & Drink Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 27 November at the RDS Concert Hall, Dublin 4.

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