The European Commission is to propose carbon accounting and certification in its upcoming farming schemes.

It hasn't outlined the criteria for certification in the schemes.

In a communication, Forging a climate-resilient Europe – the new strategy on adaption to climate change, it said that through carbon farming it will promote “a new business model for land-based carbon removals”.

This will include paying farmers to roll out nature-based solutions.

Nature-based solutions

The Commission has said it will “develop the financial aspects of nature-based solutions and foster the development of financial approaches and products that also cover nature-based adaptation” and that it will “continue to incentivise and assist member states to roll out nature-based solutions through assessments, guidance, capacity building, and EU funding”.

Water use

In the communication, the Commission also said that the EU needs to sharply reduce water use and that it will promote a wider use of drought management plans, measures to increase the water retention capacity of soils and safe water reuse.

“The Commission will address improving water efficiency and reuse by raising the requirements for products subject to eco-design and energy labelling, energy production, housing and buildings, and agriculture and will look at how to improve water savings in industrial plants,” it said.

It said the Commission and the member states must also promote the transition to water-saving technologies and practices by setting a price that correctly reflects the value of water.

Precision farming

“In agriculture, a knowledge-based approach, as well as both high-tech and nature-based solutions, are necessary to ensure a sustainable use of water.

“Member states can support precision farming via national Common Agricultural Policy strategic plans.

“Member states must also ensure that water is priced correctly, in line with the water framework directive, so that consumers are not mislead about the real cost of food,” it said.