Precision Nutrition is encouraging customers who bought and buy their products in 10l drums to return those cans once they have been emptied and cleaned.

As part of the company’s sustainability policy customers are being encouraged to move away from single-use plastic and return the can to Precision Nutrition.

The cans should be triple-rinsed before returning and they will then be recycled.

They are also asking people purchasing large quantities of product to consider using refillable IBC tanks.

An IBC tank (1,000L) can hold the same amount of product as 100 10L drums, so the saving on plastic in this case would be significant.


Robbie Byrne of Precision Nutrition told the Irish Farmers Journal that uptake has been good so far and he encouraged people who might purchase 200L of a product to get that product in an IBC and the IBC can be returned. So far, the initiative has seen good uptake among customers.

Precision Nutrition sell a lot of nutritional products and bio-stimulants and the business focuses on soil and crop nutrition to help boost plant immunity, reducing a plant's susceptibility to diseases and pests and helping to reduce fertiliser costs.