Amid the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) has issued advice to its members, many of whom are machinery dealers.

“As things stand, most businesses, including the farm machinery sector, have not been instructed to close. For now, the onus remains on all of us as we go about our daily business to do our best prevent the spread of this virus. This requires considerable changes to our normal routines”, explained FTMTA chief executive Gary Ryan.

It's advised that sales of machinery parts should be handled by taking orders via email or by phone, with payment to be made by card over the phone and parts to be left out, ready for collection.

If receiving payment over the phone, make sure to get the delivery docket signed.

The FTMTA added that service or maintenance works taking place at customers' yards will present difficulties in relation to maintaining distance and infection control.

As a result, the FTMTA is advising that all work should be moved to dealer premises.

The body is advising its members to cease all sales visits to customers.

Likewise, supplier reps should be told not to visit and that business should be carried out by phone or email.

Any delivery drivers should not be allowed indoors - dockets can be signed outdoors and all such interactions should be kept brief.


The FTMTA advised that in the case of businesses with more than one site, the site personnel and management should not move between sites.

By keeping the sites isolated from each other, it may allow other sites to continue if one has to close due to a confirmed case.

The FTMTA added that businesses should put posters up at all entrances advising of the measures in place.

Business must be conducted as promptly as possible, but most importantly, anybody feeling unwell should not enter the premises.