For the 2021 season we will be following the growth and management of a spring barley crop on the tillage pages of the Irish Farmers Journal.

The crop is in a plough-based system and was planted with a one-pass drill on 23 March in Co Laois at a rate of 170kg/ha. It had started to emerge early this week. As can be seen in the picture, it was just peeping through on Tuesday (6 April).

Rain after sowing delayed rolling but the crop will be rolled in the coming days if ground conditions stay suitable.

The crop received a compound fertiliser of 12-5-25 into the seedbed and nitrogen will be topped up when tramlines are visible. The crop is destined for malting so nitrogen rates will stay around 110-120 units N/ac or 140-150kg N/ha. Sulphur will be applied with the nitrogen application to improve uptake and efficiency.

Winter barley was grown in the field last year and was followed by a cover crop. Oilseed rape is also part of the rotation and volunteers can be seen in the picture and will be easily controlled at herbicide application.

  • Planting date: 23 March.
  • Variety: RGT Planet.
  • Seeding rate: 170kg/ha.