Czech manufacturer Agrostroj Pelhrimov, most commonly known for its drum mowers and partnership producing components for companies such as John Deere, Krone, Kuhn, Scania and Volvo, has purchased the Stoll Group.

Front loader and attachment manufacturer Stoll is headquartered near Hannover, Germany, and has two manufacturing facilities in Germany and one each in Poland and the USA.

Dubbed by Forbes to be on Czech’s 100 richest list, owner and CEO of the Agrostroj Group Lubomír Stoklásek has said that business will remain as usual.

Stoll employs 600 people and has a worldwide sales and distribution network made up of 5,000 dealers. With a worldwide production figure of 22,000 units, Stoll claims to be the second largest manufacturer of front loaders with an annual turnover of €120m.

This year, the family-owned Agrostroj Group is aiming for an annual turnover of around €250m with 2,700 employees excluding Stoll. Together with Stoll, the two companies are expected to achieve a turnover of around €370m.