The net margin for cattle slaughtered from the Irish Farmers Journal Thrive dairy calf-to-beef demonstration farm is up 57% or €76/head to an average of €208/head compared to 2021 levels. The 2021-born stock were slaughtered between September and November this year at an age range of between 19 and 21 months old achieving an average carcase weight of 290kg.

The beef price paid increased by 13.8% or by 60c/kg year on year increasing the average carcase value by €167/head. However, increased cost of production eroded much of this price increase accounting for €106/head of additional costs.

Of the 146 animals slaughtered, 6.8% failed to meet carcase conformation specifications grading O- or poorer while 100% of stock met the criteria for carcase weight and fat score specifications.

At a net margin of €265/head, Angus bullocks remain the most profitable system on the farm largely due to a breed bonus slaughter payment.