This Thursday 1 October, 10 of the most exciting US Dairy Tech start-up companies have organized a free webinar, which will be hosted by AgriTech Capital and has been endorsed by the World Dairy Expo. The event has been crowd-funded by the Dairy Tech start-ups themselves.

The aim of the event is to showcase these 10 start-ups and learn about the solutions they offer to some of the most critical problems dairy farmers face. The event will also offer key insights from three leading experts on the role that digital technologies will play on the dairy farm of the future.

Speakers will include Debbie Crave, World Dairy Expo board of directors first vice president, Aidan Connolly, president Agritech Capital and US Dairy Tech experts Jeffrey Bewley, Marcia Endres and Joao Costa.

The companies featured will include;

  • Advanced Animal Diagnostics.
  • Cainthus.
  • Labby – optical intelligence for milk.
  • Livestock water recycling.
  • Milc Group.
  • Pharm robotics.
  • Soma detect.
  • EIO Diagnostics.
  • FYTO.
  • Z Zisk.
  • For more information on the livestream visit, event at 11AM PT / 1PM CT / 7PM BST.

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