The board of Dairygold has agreed to pay its growers €212/t for feeding barley at 20% moisture and €222/t for wheat.

These prices are the strongest reported in the country thus far and are exclusive of VAT and subject to the normal adjustments for moisture and quality.

The co-op will also pay €243/t for contracted malting barley and €207/t for oats.

All these product prices include a €5/t premium based on the co-op's minimum purchase terms.

Other prices

Other prices agreed include €255/t for contracted beans and €250/t for non-contracted crop, both at 20% moisture. And the price to be paid for oilseed rape is €535/t at 9% moisture.

The Dairygold statement reiterates that the co-op is firmly committed to maximising its use of native Irish cereals across its range of livestock feedstuffs.

Its head of agri business Liam O’Flaherty said: “Quality Irish cereals are a key component of our feed rations and Dairygold will always aim to pay a competitive price for our members’ grain.”

And its chair John O’Gorman said: “Tillage growers are a very important part of Dairygold’s business and we remain committed to supporting and developing this sector of our business into the future.”