Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Michael Creed has announced that the Department is requesting two tenders for projects, in developing a social farming framework and a substantial social farming model project.

Both tenders will be offered as one-year projects, beginning in the autumn of this year, with €400,000 funding available for the social farming framework and a separate amount of €200,000 set aside for the social farming model.

Welcome news

Speaking of the announcement, Minister Creed said these projects will prove a new and exciting undertaking for those involved.

It’s an initiative which fosters inclusion among disadvantaged groups and allows participants build self-esteem. When operating from a working family farm, these initiatives support farm diversification and help farmers connect with the wider community

Energising rural Ireland

These tenders form part of the Government’s Rural Innovation and Development Fund, which aims to energise and rejuvenate Ireland’s rural economy, through initiatives including social farming and promoting female entrepreneurs in rural areas.

The Government has set aside a fund of around €1.5m to support these programmes, with more initiatives set to be announced in the future.

Closing date

The tender is available to view on the eTenders website and the closing date for applications is 31 August.

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