Diesel prices are on an upward trend and this looks set to continue. This week, suppliers are quoting up to 48c/l and 49c/l, plus 13.5% VAT, for deliveries of 1,500l and there are higher prices in some areas.

Regular buyers taking larger deliveries and paying promptly would be getting quotes under 47c/l, plus VAT, this week.

Prices have been slowly firming over the last few months, with farmers’ prices ultimately following international oil prices. The factor most significantly effecting oil prices continues to be the coronavirus. Markets rose in recent months on an expectation of vaccines being approved.

Now they are edging further upwards, as the first people receive the new treatments.

If governments around the world get on top of COVID-19 in 2021 and economic growth resumes, there is likely to be further growth in demand for oil and upward pressure on prices.

White diesel

Meanwhile, quotes for white diesel are typically in the range of 94c/l to 96c/l, plus 21% VAT.