A total of four dead calves and 35 dead lambs have been found dumped on Sliabh Beagh in Co Monaghan.

A representative from Monaghan County Council told the Irish Farmers Journal that complaints about the carcases were received from the public on Wednesday (12 May).

Four men and a JCB were involved in the clean-up, costing Monaghan County Council a total of €1,503.

“Staff identified approximately 35 dead lambs dumped along Esh walking trail near Poll an Aifrinn, Sliabh Beagh,” a spokesperson said.

“Lambs were dumped in twos and threes every 20 to 30 meters for a distance of approximately 1km. Some were left hanging on bushes and trees, others at the bottom of ditches.”

The spokesperson described Wednesday’s incident as very similar to a case of dead animal dumping which took place in the area during March 2020.

A total of 35 lambs, two ewes and a one tonne fertiliser bag of wool fleeces were dumped along a road in Drumfir, Knockatallon.

Dead calves dumped in Sliabh Beagh, Co Monaghan.

Dead calves

Monaghan County Council said a separate dumping incident at another location on Sliabh Beagh was also investigated involving four dead calves thrown down a steep bank near a small river.

“All identification tags had been removed from the calves,” the spokesperson continued.

“The lamb carcases have been gathered into a half ton fertiliser bag and the calf carcases retrieved. All will be collected by the dead animal collector this afternoon [Friday 14 May].”