Editorial: big decisions ahead on future of Kerrygold
In this week's editorial, Justin McCarthy looks at the prospect of Glanbia competing with Kerrygold in the US market, promoting Irish food in Paris and how rising diesel prices are affecting farmers.
Editorial: UK threat to wipe out Irish beef in no-deal Brexit
Rural Ireland would find itself effectively waking up to a national emergency on 30 March if the UK no-deal plans are implemented.
Editorial: BEEP will put weight behind support for sucklers in next CAP
What are the options for the 400 Leitrim farmers who attended our mart demonstration on Tuesday night - and indeed the 64,000 farmers with suckler cows?
Editorial: climate leadership extends beyond achieving national targets
Irish farmers are among the most efficient dairy and beef producers in the world, so it makes little sense for us to curtail production only for it to be increased in less efficient countries.