During the 12-week period from April to July 2020, egg sales grew by 20.8%, new research from Bord Bia has shown.

Overall, egg consumption has increased by 11%, with consumer data from Bord Bia revealing that over 656 million eggs have been sold in Ireland in the last 12 months.

The research also shows that one in four consumers favour scrambled eggs, while one in five prefer boiled.

Generational differences were revealed, with 40% of teens preferring scrambled eggs, while 25% of over 50s preferred boiled eggs (24%). Millennials equally favoured both scrambled and fried eggs.

Versatile product

Dietitian Orla Walsh said: “Eggs are one of the best sources of protein available in your kitchen and are packed full of essential nutrients such as vitamins A, D and B12.

“They're also great value for money and versatile too, so don't let misconceptions about cholesterol or saturated fats stop you from making them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

Shoppers are reminded to look out for the Bord Bia quality mark when purchasing eggs.

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