The European Commission has awarded co-funding of €3.16m for a €3.9m Bord Bia promotional campaign for beef and pork in the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam.

The campaign, called “European Pork and Beef – Excellence in Quality and Production Standards” will run over three years and commence in early 2019.

“I am delighted to see the EU recognition and financial support for an attractive industry programme to raise awareness of European pork and beef as a high quality product,” Minister for Agriculture said.

Securing this funding highlights the confidence in Ireland

Ireland gained access to the beef market in the Philippines in 2014, but is still working on gaining access to South Korea and Vietnam.

“With regard to beef in South Korea and Vietnam, significant development work has already been carried out by my Department with the ongoing assistance of the Irish Embassies there and in conjunction with the industry and Bord Bia as part of a process to achieve beef market access in these countries. This work is ongoing,” the Minister concluded.

Minister Creed and Bord Bia have just concluded a trade mission in Indonesia and Malaysia and there are hopes that this funding will build on work already carried out.

Bord Bia will also welcome 90 overseas trade representatives to visit Irish farms

Pork exports to South Korea have almost doubled this year, going up to 3,100t. Exports to the Philippines have also increased to 4,700t.

“Securing this funding highlights the confidence in Ireland as a well-established exporter of quality, sustainably produced pork and beef,” CEO of Bord Bia Tara McCarthy said.

“Over the course of the three-year campaign, Bord Bia will target more than 500 key trade and decision makers to attend technical seminars and over 300,000 buyers will be accessible to our meat exporters at international trade shows.

“Bord Bia will also welcome 90 overseas trade representatives to visit Irish farms and producers.”

Proposals will open from early 2019 and applications can be submitted to the European Commission.

More information can be found by clicking here.

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