Tim Cullinan, IFA president

“The minister’s plan to allocate the maximum 25% of every farmer’s Basic Payment to so-called ‘eco schemes’ is bizarre, as the Minister himself fought to secure flexibility on this at EU level. A cohort of our most productive farmers are going to be devastated by the CAP decisions at EU level. The Green Party is running the show with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael being led by the nose.”

Vincent Roddy, INHFA president

“The principle of front-loading, while not as radical as we want, we’re quite happy that it has been applied. On 85% convergence, we would have felt 100% was the way to go, but there’s always going to have to be a compromise.”

John Keane, Macra president

“It’s obvious that young farmers are not a priority under this Government, you’ve got other EU member states earmarking up to 7.5% for young farmers and this Government has given us the least it can possibly give. Young farmers are going home tonight wondering if there is a future for them.”

Dermot Kelleher, ICSA president

“Although Minister McConalogue has worked hard to get an increased budget for the rural development programme, there just isn’t enough to deliver anywhere near €300/cow, €35/ewe, an early finishing support of €100/head and a decent agri-environment scheme worth up to €15,000. I am very frustrated that the Department is not interested in delivering what is required to support the low-income sectors.”

Pat McCormack, ICMSA president

“A CAP strategic plan that does not recognise the reality of commercial family farming and pretends that the whole sector can be turned in a specific direction without recognising that element just cannot work – plain and simple. Nor does it deserve to.” He said there was a very distinct bias against the commercial family farm.