The SIP company, which has its headquarters in Slovenia (known as the engineering capital of the region), has over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of farm machinery. In fact, SIP was the first company to develop a twin rotor rake in the industry.

SIP is a privately owned company with a German mentality that operates out of an ultra-modern manufacturing facility, producing a range of mowers, tedders and rakes.

The SIP range includes machinery for small farmers’ own private use and also machinery for large-scale contractors. SIP claims it caters for the high-quality end of the market, with all their production being built to increasingly high standards using high-quality components and backed up by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In the past, SIP was manufacturing grass machines for well-known German and Austrian manufacturers, which gave them the opportunity to gain valuable experience that has been very beneficial in developing its own range of machines.

SIP exports over 80% of its products to 55 countries worldwide. Farmec is fully confident that the equipment manufactured by SIP is ideally suited to the demanding Irish conditions. Many of the SIP machines have unique and patented innovations such as:

  • A unique Disc Drive Safety System (DDSS) fitted with safety shear pins to protect the cutter bar which is fitted to all mowers, allowing the farmer to easily fix the mower in the field in a matter of minutes.
  • An adjustable hydraulic ground pressure relief system that makes mowing in all conditions and all terrain easy and hassle free.
  • In the transport position, the mower is tilted 120 degrees, bringing the centre of gravity closer to the tractor, giving better stability and visibility during transport.
  • A collision safety system (CSS) that, in the event of a collision with an obstacle, moves the cutter bar backwards and upwards and then automatically returns to the operating position.
  • High-quality tedder tines with different shank lengths to ensure an even tine load distribution and better ground-following ability to maintain clean forage.
  • Rakes with a unique pivoting linkage on the wheels and 3D rotor head that enables optimal contour following and a higher operating speed.
  • SIP is very aware of the competitive nature of the agricultural market and of the importance of giving value to farmers and contractors. This focus has led to SIP products being designed and manufactured with both performance and price in mind for its customers. This attitude, along with an on-demand spare part back-up service, is a must for Irish farmers when considering purchasing any machine.

    SIP manufactures a full range of mounted mowers named Silvercut, available from 2.7m up to 9m in both conditioner and non-conditioner versions. They also produce a trailed mower conditioner in a 3m width.

    The SIP tedder range is named the Spider and is available from two-rotor 2.2m machines all the way up to a massive 14-rotor 14.8m machine. The SIP rotary rakes are available in single and twin rotor versions, with working widths of 3-4.3m (single rotor) and 7.24-8.3m (twin rotor).

    Gary Daly from Farmec commented:

    “For the first time in Ireland at this year’s Grass & Muck event, Farmec will be displaying and demonstrating a full complement of SIP heavy duty mowers with their unique four-pin safety system, together with tedders and rakes. A team of technical personnel and demonstrators from SIP and Farmec will also be on hand for technical advice and questions from potential customers.

    “Farmec is fully confident that the equipment manufactured by SIP is ideally suited to the Irish conditions. We are excited to introduce the SIP range to Ireland for the first time and we look forward to demonstrating the machines on the Farmec plot at this year’s Grass & Muck event.”

    SIP machinery will be available from Farmec’s already established nationwide dealer network for this season. Interested customers can benefit from an excellent 0% finance scheme on the SIP range of grass harvesting machinery.

    Further details are available from Farmec Ireland Ltd, tel 01-825 9289.

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