A farmer has been convicted of 21 charges at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court.

Jim Thompson, of Plantation Road, Portadown, Co Armagh was convicted of one charge of removing ear tags from bovine animals, one charge of failing to present a herd register and two charges of failure to notify the Department of the movement of two animals onto his farm.

Mr Thompson was also convicted of 14 charges of knowingly or recklessly providing false information which he knew or believed to be false in a notification sent by him under the Cattle Identification Regulations.

BSE testing

In addition, there were three charges of failing to make arrangements to have the bodies of three bovine animals, for which he was responsible, tested for BSE within 24 hours of its death.

Due to EU wide surveillance since 2001, all cattle over 48 months old that die on farm have to be tested for BSE, as these animals have shown a greater risk of testing positive.

The Co Armagh man pleaded guilty to all charges and received three months jail, suspended for three years, for each charges, to run concurrently.

The offences were found as a result of a Cattle Identification Inspection carried out by the Veterinary Service Enforcement Branch.

DAERA said properly-maintained herd registers form an integral part of the animals traceability and provision of false information relating to cattle movement has significant impact on the traceability of animals in terms of health status.

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