Over the last number of weeks, we have seen calf prices come back from the highs of early spring to somewhat align with typical figures for the time of year as calf numbers build. This week, however, despite a 48% increase in the number of calves traded in the ICBF database, we see prices hold firm or even strengthen in some cases.

Mart managers across the country report that there was more export buyer activity this week as sailings start to get back to normal after two weeks of weather disruption. This helped the average Friesian bull calf price increase €3/head on the week to €59/head.

Beef-sired dairy calf numbers continued to grow rapidly this week also with huge farmer demand driving prices. Hereford and Angus heifers are both up this week by €15/head and €7/head respectively.

Continental calf numbers remain tight, meaning farmers are competing strongly to secure these types. Belgian Blue heifers are trading above bulls at the moment at an average price of €347/head compared to bulls at €305/head.