Slow progress with reseed in Fermanagh

In September, John Egerton wrote about how a drainage and reseed job in a field on his Fermanagh farm took over a year to complete.

Scottish lessons ahead of lambing

Earlier in the year, John visited his son who works on a farm in Scotland. It was amid the busy lambing period and the weather wasn’t playing ball.

Quiet weaning on Egerton farm

At weaning time in the suckler herd, John uses the Quietwean nose flaps. You can tell from the non-existent background sound in his video where they get their name from.

Hiccups with dairy heifers

Over in Co Down, Derek Robinson has a contract heifer rearing enterprise on his farm. Everything went very well for the first four years, but this year turned out different.

On-farm self-isolation

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Derek had to self-isolate due to his wife catching the virus. The experience got him thinking about farm life.