A recruitment drive has been launched for prospective farmer participants in an education initiative which allows farmers to virtually show the work which takes place on their farms to school children.

FarmerTime pairs classes in schools with farmers and allows the children to learn about the workings of their paired farm in a 15-minute session every two weeks.

Children are encouraged to ask questions about the farm’s activities and gain a real-time understanding of food production through the virtual meetings.

The initiative has been launched from Airfields Estate in Dundrum, Co Dublin, where a 38c fully functioning farm which seeks to educate the urban-based public on farming matters.

SuperValu have committed to sponsor the initiative.

“The FarmerTime programme is a wonderful initiative to connect young people with the food they eat and understand the journey from farm to fork,” said Ray Kelly, SuperValu marketing director.

“SuperValu is committed to making our communities better through caring for our environment and sourcing locally.”

The programme was successfully piloted last year and is due to roll out to more schools in the next September.

If you are a farmer and wish to enquire about signing up for the programme, click here.