Collapse in Turkish lira threatens exports
The Turkish market has provided a lifeline for live exports of weanlings and store cattle and therefore a weakening in the value of lira is of real concern.
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Beef management: calving, budgets and fertiliser
Adam Woods takes a look at autumn calving, beef budgets, spreading fertiliser and BDGP requirements.
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Lots to consider as growth rates climb
There are three scenarios facing farmers right now and the third, lingering in the background, is the need to close ground for spring grazing in 2019.
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Vet's Corner: back to basics with grazing management
This week’s vet's corner focuses on the potential problem of worms in calves grazing pasture this year.
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Complementing high genetic merits with good management practices
Recent research by Teagasc has found that genetics and good herd management go hand-in-hand when seeking high-performance within a herd.
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What's on in the marts in the coming weeks
A guide to special and upcoming sales in the marts in the coming weeks.
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Prevention for Profit Competition – Have you got what it takes?
The preventative approach is much more rewarding than the treatment approach when it comes to animal health on your farm.
Now that it has rained……we may get more than we bargained for!
Rain was badly needed and now that it has arrived we can look forward to a burst of grass growth.
Liming – what a difference a year makes!
Trevor Boland from Sligo won a lime and nutrient management plan worth €2,500 in the 2017 Smart Farming Competition.
Your Association. Your Voice – Get Involved in IFA
The IFA is about farmers, standing together, supporting each other. I encourage all farmers to get more actively involved in what IFA does, to strengthen the IFA and ensure we are fully representative