Fertiliser prices look set to hold at current levels into June, quotes supplied by various merchants suggest.

This keeps CAN at prices of £255 to £262/t, depending on the brand, quantity purchased and timing of payment.

Compounds such as 27-4-4 and 25-5-5 are around the £320/t to £325/t mark with 20-10-10 priced close to £325/t.

Other products such as 24-6-12 cost up to £345/t with 22-4-14 at £325 to £330/t.

Merchants indicate there has been a marked increase in sales in recent days with first cut silage in full swing.

Twelve months ago, CAN prices were typically £175/t to £180/t, or £80/t below current prices. Compounds such as 27-4-4 and 25-5-5 were also significantly lower at £245 to £250/t.

Some merchants think prices might ease in the latter stages of June, but that will be too late for anyone putting on fertiliser for second cuts.

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