Prices for all fertilisers have jumped this week as demand from farmers increases across the country.

Tirlán’s (formerly Glanbia Co-op) prices have jumped €45/t for CAN and €50/t for 10-10-20 across all its branches since Tuesday, while 10-10-20 is now costing farmers €1,000/t.

In the west of the country, merchants are charging farmers €885/t for CAN and in all other parts of the country, CAN is trading for prices between €860/t and €895/t.

Cut Sward and Pasture Sward are nearing the €1,000/t mark in many parts. Pasture sward is costing between €995/t and €1,000/t and Cut Sward is ranging between €935/t and €985/t.

Last week, urea was being sold for around the €980/t mark. However, this week, it is trading generally at €1,000/t to €1,070/t.

Meanwhile,18-6-12 is costing an average of €975/t.

According to merchants, there’s plenty of potash moving this week and it is costing, on average, €955/t.

Protected urea is trading upwards of €1,100/t but farmer demand is slow, according to merchants.

One merchant said that orders have been mental over the last week.

“Everyone’s afraid they won’t get it next spring,” he said.